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Mauritania National ICT Policy and Strategy  

Project Description:

This project aims to assist Mauritania in the elaboration of the national Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) policy and strategy in the domains of e-applications, Internet, e-Security and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). Guidance and recommendations were provided to the national team based on national priorities.  This project contributes towards strengthening Mauritania’s position in the knowledge-based economy and Information society. ITU is also assisting in the implementation of different projects identified in the National Strategy from 2002 to 2006.

Expected Outcome :

National ICT Policy and Strategy for Mauritania has been finalized. This project has impact on the implementation of ICT projects. The Bandwidth for the International Gateways is expected to increase from 3,3 to 100 Mbit/s.  Schools, Hospitals and 216 communes have to be connected by 2006. More than 60'000 PCs have to be purchased for a total budget estimated at USD 50 millions with 10% for e-Government. The PC penetration is expected to be 30PCs for 100 Staff in the Administration and 100 Engineers have to be trained per year by Microsoft.


The whole project started in 2001 (development of the National ICT strategy) and should be finished at the end of 2006.


Source: itu.int  


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