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The 10th anniversary of the Internet in Mauritania was celebrated under the theme: "Internet: a tool for modernizing the service of the citizen"  

The 10th anniversary of the introduction of the Internet in the Mauritanian Administration celebrated under the theme: "Internet: a tool for modernizing the service of the citizen"

 The Internet plays an important role "in improving the efficiency of administration by providing adequate services to citizens." This has been pointed out, Tuesday, Mr. Moustapha Ould Hamoud, Minister of Public Service and the modernization of the Administration, on the occasion of the celebration of the 10th anniversary of the introduction of the Internet the Mauritanian administration.

 The minister recalled that public authorities have set up a centre of the Internet for Administration which has "made available to departments a set of services".

 He said that the authorities have also adopted a strategy for rational use of computers in the Administration. This axis, he said, "is one of the pillars on which policy is based on modernization of the Administration, in addition to strengthening the institutional and organizational framework of the Administration and the development of human resources the State ". He also stressed that the improvement of services provided by the public service requires the citizen-friendly treatment of submissions to the Administration and presentation of answers in a timely manner and the provision of services to any citizen and anywhere.

The Minister further stated that the celebration of this anniversary "will doubtless measuring the important steps in this area and the development prospects of information technology and communication within our public administration."

 The celebration of the anniversary, which will continue until tomorrow took place in the presence of Secretary of State for Information Technologies and Communication, wali of Nouakchott, the chairman of the urban community of Nouakchott, representatives of UNDP and the World Bank, Secretary General of the Ministry of Civil Service and the modernization of the terminal and other dignitaries.

 The assistance has also attended a briefing on the role of the Internet in the modernization of the Administration presented by Mr. Abdel Aziz ould Dahi.

 On the sidelines of the ceremony, Mr. Khouna Ould Mohamed Yeslem, director of administrative systems said that all ministries and the regional capitals of the country have been equipped with computer networks and 40 websites were made available at the public administration.

Source: AMI/PMD  


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