04/12/2021 12:17
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The (PMD) and ICDL Mauritania, have signed a Memorandum  

The Mauritanian Portal Development (PMD) and ICDL Mauritania, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that aims to collaborate in order to contribute to the spread of digital culture in Mauritania. 

The PMD and ICDL Mauritania will use their respective skills for training programs acquisition and certification in informatics. 

These programs help the computer’s user to improve his abilities and provide him a certificate attesting to his skill level. 

Every body using a computer can improve his skills and thereby increase hiss value and contribution within an organization. 

ICDL programs offer to computer’s users, their employers and to educators an easy and fast opportunity, affordable and highly profitable to improve their skills and their ability to contribute and learning. 

ICDL programs can help everyone, from beginner to advanced user of the computer. 

It is also noted that the ICDL Mauritania sent a letter to the Mauritanian State requesting the development of a national plan for the advancement of the culture of digital information.

Source: PMD  


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