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The Head of State kicks off the rehabilitation and construction of 96 km of urban roads in Nouakchott  

The Head of State drew the curtain of the symbolic plate of the 1st Avenue in the Nouakchott city called Avenue deceased Mokhtar Ould Daddah, the first President of the Islamic Republic of Mauritania before giving the signal of starting work this avenue which connects the road to Nouadhibou in the west to the Foundation Bouamatou to the east through the crossroads of City Smar and TVM. 

President of the High State Council heard explanations on the nature of the work of this major urban project that will be done entirely on the state budget for a budget of 8 billion ouguiya.

 The project in question is also preserving the investments already made, the decongestion of the main streets of the capital and services to some suburbs still locked.

 Many citizens of the department of Tevragh Zeina came together on both sides of the road to greet the President of the High Council of State and celebrate this historic achievement.

 Mr. Adama Sy, Minister of Housing, Urban and Regional Planning, Minister of Equipment and Transport ai, in a word for the occasion stated that the construction project and rehabilitation of 96 km of tracks in different parts of the city of Nouakchott including 56 km built and rehabilitated the rest. The project should not exceed 18 months. 

The Minister said that the city of Nouakchott has never known in its history a road of this size funded by the state. 

This reflects, he said, the interest that the Head of State attaches to improving the living conditions of citizens and alleviate their suffering. 

The Minister noted other achievements in the fields of roads, air transport and so on. whose implementation is underway and as part of general government policy that the Prime Minister announced to Parliament. 

In his word to the President of the High Council of State, Mr. Sid Ahmed Ould Raiss, Minister of Finance pointed out that the cost of construction and rehabilitation project of 96 km of urban roads in various districts of Nouakchott has been funded through rationalization of the state budget which helped reap four billion ouguiya. 

Furthermore, in collaboration with SNIM, and its subsidiary ATTM this project has been announced according to the procedures and regulations followed in the matter.

 He added that the rest of the project will be financed from domestic resources, under the Finance Act of 2009, indicating that the cost of this project, which is about 8 billion ouguiyas n ' entails no additional costs for citizens.

 In turn, the chairman of the urban community of Nouakchott, Ahmed Ould Hamza said that this ambitious project is unprecedented in the history of the city of Nouakchott and is likely to make available to the people a road network that meets their needs and demands of the period and contributing to open up large areas of the city. 

He added: "thanks to an initiative by the President of the High Council of State, Head of State, General Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz, we are gathered today to kick off the construction project and rehabilitation of nearly 100 km of tarred roads. " He added at the head of state "on your instructions, the urban community of Nouakchott participated with the Ministry of Equipment and society ATTM to implementing this huge project." 

Meanwhile, the first wife of the late President, Mrs. Mariem Daddah, who attended the ceremony with members of his family, thanked the President of the High Council of State, Head of State, for generous gesture, saying that Mauritania has begun, with the rectification movement, linking its past to its present and pass a big step towards the consolidation of national unity, noting that this project is carried out with resources and national powers. 

It also stated that in this project, the approach of the correction, relying on the resources and skills of the country, overlaps with the work of the late President Me Mokhtar Ould Daddah.

Source: AM/PMD  


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