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Opening of the fourteenth meeting of the Regional Committee of Programming and Follow-up of the CILSS  
The Fourteenth meeting of the Regional Committee of Programming and the Follow-up of the CILSS ( CRPS) was held on Monday morning in Nouakchott under the presidency of Mr. Koréra Ishaga, Minister of the Agriculture and the Breeding, the Minister Coordinator of the CILSS.
During this session of three days, that must prepare forty the second common session of the cabinet of the CILLSS which will take place the 18 inst. in Nouakchott, the participants will bend over an agenda including among others questions: the report of the executive secretary, the general report of the system CILSS of year 2007, the state of implementation of the resolutions and the recommendations of 41st  ordinary session of ministers counsel, the administrative and financial reports of the 2006s and 2007, Report of the Auditor as well as the plans of operations and budget 2008.
In a speech pronounced for the occasion, the Minister of the Agriculture and the Breeding, M.Koréra Issagha noted that the Islamic Republic of Mauritania is delighted to shelter these two big meetings and will save no effort so that the results which will arise from it are as high as expectations.


As indicates it clearly the Agreement revised by CILSS, said the Minister, the CRPS insures, on one hand, a consultative role for the Cabinet and the Conference of the Heads of state and Government on the other hand, a role of programming and Follow-up of the activities of CILSS and to add that the members of TEACHERS' CENTRES establish(constitute) a major authority in the preparation of the Cabinet, so inviting, the participants to analyze, with the biggest attention, all the files subjected to their appreciation.


At the address of the technical partners and the financiers of the CILSS, who, will say the Minister, since thirty years work at a better future of Sahel to be reassured that the States of Cilss are completely aware of their efforts and will make, in sort that, their financial contributions are used in a rational way in interest of the profitable populations to fight effectively against the poverty, he concluded.
Source: AMI/PMD  


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