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Environment: Closing retreats on the fight against bush fires  
Participants retreats and awareness on the fight against bushfires recommended yesterday Monday the establishment of permanent ground teams, equipped and specialized in charge of protecting the natural environment, training of village committees for this effect and to involve civil society organizations in awareness campaigns on the fight against bush fires.
The participants recommended at the end of these days organized by the Ministry Delegate to the Prime Minister for the Environment, setting up an early warning system against bush fires, building the capacity of Human Resources Department of Environment, the introduction of the policy "Food against Labour" in the actions of achievement of firewalls and in the fight against bush fires and the establishment of a regulatory organizing mowing and storage of hay. The participants also called for the establishment of a conservation strategy adapted to the socio-political and ecological each wilaya and the immediate cessation of issuing hunting permits for several years in order to promote the regeneration of the fauna and flora and to fight against the anarchic settling in areas farmed.
In a word pronounced on that occasion, Secretary General of the Ministry Delegate to the Prime Minister for the Environment, Mr. El Moctar Ould Beiba, said that the preservation of natural pastures and their protection against bushfires is "became the top priority of government." He said that this policy translates into "campaigns annual achievement firewalls in areas with livestock begin immediately at the end of the rainy season." The Secretary-General referred to "practical measures" taken by the department this year to protect pastures by the realization of firewalls and launch an extensive awareness campaign in rural areas to encourage them to adopt a responsible attitude towards to avoid the outbreak of bushfires.
The closing ceremony of these retreats and outreach took place in the presence of general secretaries of the Ministries of Interior and Agriculture and Livestock.


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