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AGRICULTURE: Efforts to rid Laaoueija of typha  
The General Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock, Mr. Mohamed El Moustapha Ould Abdi, inquired, on Friday, accompanied with 'Mr. Abdallahi Ould Mohamed Mahmoud, wali of Trarza, operations aiming to wrest the plant parasite typha watercourse "Laaoueija" in the moughataa of R'Kiz. These operations to eradicate the plant, which had started last May, was also deepening and broadening the main channel of this tributary to guarantee the runoff, unimpeded, water, in order to make available the quantities sufficient to irrigate agricultural perimeters of the plain R'Kiz. These operations cover, in addition to the tributary Laaoueija, those of Koub, Garak, Legoueir and Sekam for a budget of 10 million ouguiyas only for the affluent "Laaoueija and 5 million ouguiyas 400 miles for each other tributaries. The sites in question, which will continue to three months, must provide employment opportunities to local people, represented within the Union of Cooperatives R'Kiz. 'An agreement signed under the special programme of intervention (PSI), with the direction of rural development, provides ouguiyas 2000 for each job for daily work "Laaoueija" and 1500 ouguiyas for jobs in other tributaries. It should be noted that the Union of Agricultural Cooperatives R'Kiz, provides for the homeless, food, medicines and transportation for all workers engaged in this work. The Secretary General of the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock was accompanied during the visit by the adviser to the minister and directors of rural development and agriculture.  
Source: AMI/PMD  


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