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AGRICULTURE: The Minister of Agriculture received the Director of Operations at the WB  
The Minister of Agriculture and Livestock, Mr. Corréra Issagha, underlined the growing interest that the World Bank attaches to the agricultural sector in Mauritania and the spirit of dialogue and cooperation between his department and the representation of the World Bank.

The minister, speaking Tuesday during a meeting in Nouakchott with Mr. Madani Tall, director of operations for Mauritania in the World Bank (WB), stressed the need to make available facilities and infrastructure to develop rural areas and to involve local beneficiaries of the maintenance operation and protection of these areas through a participatory approach that takes into account the reality of beneficiaries.

Mr. Corréra Issagha reviewed the efforts by the government to revitalize the agriculture and livestock through the development of a strategy in this area, which "determines missions, said the vision and removes barriers while providing a benchmark for development partners. "

He discussed efforts to resolve the problems posed land with acuity and may constitute obstacles in front of some agricultural investments.

The Minister asked the consultants hired by the World Bank to take account of realities and specificities of Mauritania as well as national expertise and use them to ensure a better return on their action.

For his part, Mr. Madani Tall has renewed the interest of his institution to accompany the revival experienced by Mauritania in particular in the field of agricultural development.

He stressed that the World Bank is considering reinforcing the work of projects it funds in the sector

of agriculture and livestock as part of its support for the special programme of assistance.

He reaffirmed "the importance of monitoring on the ground, interventions funded projects in the rural sector of Mauritania to ensure their profitability and the importance of their positive impact on the lives of local people."

The meeting was attended by Secretary General of the Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry and adviser to the Minister for Agriculture and of programme with the representation of the World Bank in Nouakchott.

Source: AMI/PMD  


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