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CROP: Minister of Agriculture calls for increased production  
Mr. Coréra Issagha, Minister of Agriculture and Livestock, began on Sunday a visit to the wilaya of Brakna to inquire about the crop for the season 2008-2009.

The minister began his visit by a working meeting with farmers and pastoralists in the wilaya, in which took part the wali of Brakna, Mr. Ould Mohamdi Sabary.

During this meeting, the Minister has extended, to the assistance, the greetings of President of the Republic and its wishes for a good winter season both for agriculture and for livestock.

He noted that his visit comes at the end of the first rains, which shows concern for the government to lift all obstacles that inhibit towards the success of the current crop year for which the state has mobilized considerable financial resources.

He said that the personal supervision of the President of the Republic of the start of this campaign, on May 5 last Rosso, and the field visit made by Prime Minister in the wilaya Brakna and Gorgol, confirm, if was necessary, the concern of authorities to monitor closely the progress of this campaign.

Mr. Coréra Issagha stressed on the interest that represents for the country, achieving results assigned to the campaign under the world food crisis for the country to avoid falling into the vicious circle of famine that threatens number of parts of the world.

He said that the availability of fodder and fertilizer and seeds as well as horticultural equipment, rehabilitation of dams and ridges, management stores for irrigated agriculture and other measures are part of special programme of intervention by the Government decided to address the effects of global crisis. To this end, the program has yielded significant results.

The Minister of Agriculture and Livestock said that the State has made mobilized 700 km of fence to protect the perimeter and guarantee peaceful coexistence between herders and farmers, noting that this amount is likely to cover the third of the country's needs in roasting estimated at 3000 kilometers.

He drew attention to the threat to many countries throughout the world because of grain deficit recorded and the refusal of some producing countries to sell their agricultural production.

The Minister reported concerns about Rice despite the measures taken and called promoters stores to diagnose weaknesses and difficulties to overcome in time.

He recalled, with regard to resource animal that steps have been taken to make available the inputs and livestock guarantee health coverage of livestock which 90% has been vaccinated.

For its part, the mayor of the town of Aleg, Mr. Mohamed Ould Ahmed Challa, stressed that the appropriate solution for meeting the challenges of food is geared towards agriculture and the production level of the whole country.

The meeting was marked by a presentation by the regional delegate of agriculture and animal husbandry in Brakna in which he refers to the receipt by the wilaya of 810 tons of fodder, noting that 21 ridges have been rehabilitated on the 25 that account the wilaya, which has also 879 hectares of farmland for which she received 75 tonnes of seeds and 500 kilograms of pesticides.

Source: AMI/PMD  


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