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Procapec dedicates 25 % of its financing in support of the agricultural campaign.  
The Agency for the Promotion of the network of the Popular Cash desks of Savings and Credit ( Procapec) announced on Tuesday to dedicate 25 % of its financing in support of the next agricultural campaign and to set up a specific direction for the management and the follow-up of the agreements signed between the network and the ministerial departments within the framework of the Special Plan of Intervention, launched currently.
These measures taken by the advice(council) of orientation of the network, in its meeting held its head office in Nouakchott, concern in particular the fact that 25 % of the financing of the Agency will be reserved for the agricultural campaign in answer to the call of the President of the Republic, Mister Sidi Mohamed Ould Cheikh Abdallahi yesterday, on Monday in the city of Rosso during its launch of the agricultural campaign on 2008.
Mr. Ahmed Ould Khattry, general manager of the Agency Procapec considered these two measures as important calling all the citizens, avid to benefit from supports of the network for the financing of their agricultural activities, to subscribe to the network, the indispensable condition to take advantage of his financing and address his representations everywhere in the country to complete the formalities there concerned. 
The Procapec network has, within the framework of the PSI, whose agricultural campaign establishes one of the major axes, signed certain number of agreements with the ministry of employment, the insertion and the vocational training for a 380 million ouguiya amount dedicated to the opening of 118 shops witnesses in various zones of the country.
The Agency also concluded an agreement with the ministry loaded with the feminine promotion, the childhood and the family to the amount of 317 million ouguiyas to finance generative activities of incomes ( AGR) and the other one with the commissionership in the social welfare and in the food safety to the amount of 250 million ouguiyas to support the AGR in the rural zones
Source: AMI/ PMD  


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