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EXPO'2008: Continued exposure to Mauritanian Zaragoza  
The Mauritanian flag of the international exhibition of Zaragoza Wednesday continued its activities started Monday in this historic city of Spain for the third consecutive day in a festive atmosphere.

Monday, the different stands flag opened Monday at a ceremony marking the event chaired by Mrs. Selma Mint Teguedi, Minister of Commerce and Industry in the presence of Mauritania's ambassador to Madrid, M. Sidi Mohamed Ould Boubacar and the Commissioner General of Mauritania, Mr. Sidi Ould Oumar Abidine. Were present also adviser of the Minister of Trade and Algeria's ambassador to Spain, whose flag was close to that of Mauritania’ flag.

After cutting the ribbon symbolic, officials have visited different parts of the exhibition held under the theme "Man and water, the oasis in the desert."

They reviewed the instruments exhaust (chadouf, wells, drainage system, etc..) Admired the reconstruction of the environment of our country oasis in the flag and measured the importance of water in our desert and the efforts made by governments to make it available to people.

Leaving the flag, the minister told representatives of the national press that "water that's life. That is why, she says, the government puts every effort to make it accessible to citizens. This is the place to call partners to support our future projects of development on water ".

The delegation appreciated the originality and quality of the exhibition Mauritanian high symbolic significance of its theme and objects presented: rare manuscripts, objects of traditional crafts, feminine and utilitarian, cooking instruments, traditional games and other vestiges of a centuries-old tradition.

Officials have, furthermore, realize the efforts made in the field of rationalization of water, but also the modernization of agriculture and exploitation of fishery resources.

The tourism sector, the keystone of the exhibition, with its billboards and advertisements, and a documentary on the proposed routes was not to be outdone.

Here, the tourist is transported in an oasis where he can contemplate the palm trees erected in the flag, feel the leaves and trunk, plunging his hand into the drainage water to irrigate crops, raising or lowering the chadouf and empty its contents or take-it did not make private-a photo in front of the camel kneeling in front of the hut made of palm or palm tree next to the tent erected not far away.

For their part, the craftsmen who expose, expressed their optimism about the value and profitability of exposure for the country and for themselves.

Mr. Ahmed Labeid, the exhibition is excellent and according to its preliminary estimates, it is expected he says, that the influx of visitors to be profitable given that this exhibition is one of the best organized. "I spoke, he says, knowingly, because I have already participated in many similar events."

Mr. Mohamed Ould Boba, familiar exhibitions, said, meanwhile, that "this first day of influx in our flag is quite encouraging and suggest that the future will be promising."

For its part, Ms. Mariem Mint Brahim, president of the Association for the Promotion of handicrafts to Teyarett Mauritania, another accustomed exhibitions, believes that this event is very important.

As for Ahmed Ould Beddy, which displays products of traditional handicrafts (boxes silver and ebony, teapots decorated snuff and pipes, etc.). He is optimistic and believes that the exhibition is well worth the trip.

Outside the national flag, Zaragoza Fair continues in a tintamarre deafening sounds of music on substantive matters. His nights shine of a thousand lamps and lights, each country competing hard to attract crowds of visitors.

In the water pavilion, falls artificial arouse admiration of the crowd when inside the majestic building experts and specialists, including ours, presentations and lectures, discuss and exchange on issues water in the world and on possible solutions which should give it now before it is too late.

In the flag NGOs, the official visitors were able to follow a series of tables and a DVD on charitable activity of the Foundation Khattou Mint El Boukhary on availability of water for the poor.

Source: AMI/PMD  


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