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GORGOL: Awareness Campaign on Women's Rights  
An awareness campaign on promoting the rights of women and children was launched Sunday at Kaédi.
The kick-off of this event was given by the minister responsible for the Advancement of Women, Children and Families, Ms. Fatimetou Mint Khattry, in the presence of the wali Gorgol and representatives of WHO, l UNICEF and UNFPA.
In a speech for the occasion, Ms. Fatimetou Mint Khattry, said that the meeting aims to establish direct contact with people and explain government policy, discuss with them and hear their views on all issues that interest. She added that the problem for the Advancement of Women, the Welfare of the Child and Family Welfare occupy a special place in the social project that the government wants to root through the establishment of the State of law.
The minister stressed that his department is working to ensure that women enjoy their rights and exercise them in accordance with the teachings of the Islamic Chariaa and requirements of international agreements and conventions.
Ms. Mint Khattry Finally, urged women Gorgol to work for the success of the season, given its importance in eliminating the phenomenon of the high cost of living and asked them a stake effective the campaign to refrain from practices harmful to the health of the mother and child.
For its part, the representative of UNICEF in Mauritania noted that the official launch of this campaign reflects the commitment of the Mauritanian authorities to fight against female genital mutilation (FGM) which are a harmful practice.
Mr. Christian Skoog then said that the adoption of a national strategy against FGM and the criminalization of this practice in the new code on child protection adopted in 2005, constitute evidence of the government's commitment to fight effectively against this practice.
FGM have an impact on girls and women. They can lead to immediate complications, including bleeding, pain, infection with HIV-AIDS, the virus Hey little or B and C and long-term complications including difficulties during pregnancy and the 'delivery that increase the rate of mortality and maternal morbidity and neonatal and infant obstetric fistula.
In addition, a training workshop for officials of the Centre for treatment and resolution of family disputes is held Sunday at Kaédi along with a campaign for the abandonment of FGM in Gorgol, wilaya high prevalence.
For four days, 50 NGOs will be trained in communication techniques applied to FGM as part of an integrated plan that will be brought to the attention of participants in the campaign to abandon this practice.
According to the chairman of the National Committee of coordination and mobilization for Information, Education and Communication (IEC), Mr. Lemme Sidi Mohamed Ould Hamed, which provides training, the purpose "of the meeting, which was organized and Nema to Kiffa and awareness campaigns that will follow, is that by year-end public statements of abandon of FGM will be made during official ceremonies.
Source: AMI/PMD  


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