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AIDS, youth and prevention  
AIDS, youth and prevention in the Arab Region is the fifth dossier of the jeunessearabe.info web portal, a topic chosen in view of the upcoming World AIDS day (December 1).
Today more than 40 million people are affected by the virus, according to the UNAIDS World Report 2005. No country is excluded, and Arab countries are also concerned even if infection rates remain weak.

Young people of the Arab world are a vulnerable group, weakened by the socio-economic and cultural problems. It is important to inform and do the necessary prevention action with and among youth as they present the majority of the population in the Arab region. Young people should be mobilized through associations and undertake sensitizing activities. The on line dossier, written by the Regional Network of youth associations of Nouakchott, Mauritania, aims at presenting the challenge that the Arab countries face today.

The forum of the web portal will host a discussion on this topic from September 27 to December 30, 2006. Young people and youth associations from the countries of the Arab region are invited to take part in this forum to express their point of view about AIDS and its related issues. The languages of discussion are: Arabic, French and English.

Created in 2004 within the frame of a joint programming initiative between UNESCO and ISESCO the jeunessearabe.info portal aims to provide in the information needs of the youth and youth associations of the Arab world. This portal is part of UNESCO’s INFOYOUTH programme, a worldwide information network on youth issues.
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