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Football / National Cup: Two seats for quarters finals  
There is no need to get out the calculator to find out the number of teams that remain to complete the group of finalists quarters of the National Cup, football edition 2007-2008. But we must pull out all the stops to ensure that all actors involved in this competition are fixed on their fate.
The rainy season approach. The school holidays too. That is why, it was requested to areas North and East to comply with the timetables agreed by the Federation for holding the quarter-finals scheduled on 4, 5 and 6 July in Nouakchott . Thus, at the level of the northern zone, the formation of FC Kédia will be knon tomorrow Friday with the selection of the Adrar. A poster, that Atarois are not ready to forget as it was completed in last May when they were at the bottom of the ranking. It recalls that the judge of the central part Mr Diabira, from the top of its 2 meters, had arrested the party to the 73rd minute while the field was invaded by supporters of the selection of Adrar. Also, security was not sufficiently ensured. And yet, the score was equal: 2-2. The Qualification Commission, Regulations, Penalties and Discipline of the FFRIM settled 'means the match will be replayed this weekend. The FFRIM has taken all necessary measures to strictly implement the regulations. The two formations were informed on time and nothing will be spared at the local level so that the meeting takes place under optimum conditions. But we learn also that the selection of Adrar would withdrawn ...
Friday, Kiffa, FC Assaba meet Aioun. At the Centre, Trarza FC, should meet Tagant witch beaten on the green carpet, is already qualified as FZ2 Nouadhibou for the special zone Dakhlet Nouadhibou. In Nouakchott, are qualified teams from the Police, FC Khairy, Nasr Sebkha of and ASAC Concorde. Results of races: All these teams are seeking for tickets of qualification. Already, the lottery will take place on June 30, 2008 at 12 hours 30 at the premises of the Football Association. The surprise of this phase eliminatory we came from FC Khairy and the SA Police: two formations, which lie in the middle and bottom of the table and whose chances in the league are minimal. FC Khairy is a band buddies just access to the first division. She climbed the stairs to no wolf while the Police intends to play its partition.
FC Khairy and the SA Police have values to prove while Nasr Sebkha of a song to recover. It is an accustomed to these tough wrangling. The ASAC Concorde, which presents a fairly uniform size would far this season both in league and cup. For now, everything is working. The Trarza FC which has qualified at the expense Tagant is not the weakest link in the chain but a team that aims to wrest the cup. The Trarza FC of Rosso is a wilaya, qualified nursery football Mauritania. On the eve of the quarter-finals, it is hoped, each club comes with its ambitions AKSY 
Source: AMI/PMD  


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