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FOOTBALL / CAN - 20 / MAURITANIA-GAMBIA: Winning at all costs the last ...  
Are they able to ensure qualification, on the lawn of the Office Complex Olympic Nouakchott, Saturday, July 12 against the Scorpions of Gambia? Are they able to pull nearly 3 million smiles to supporters disappointed by the poor performance of a playoff Mourabitounes combined CAN - Mondial 2010?


On both relevant questions, the coach Sidi Moctar N'Diaye seems optimistic while measuring good predispositions of the opponent under the knock-out stages of the 16th edition of the Africa Championship Nations for less than 20 years.

For him, Gambians are prenables although they have the advantage of being equipped with an effective wide-gauge and a homogeneous group that plays together since ages. The same group had, in a preparation match, beating his counterpart in Senegal. This is in itself a good performance. Despite this beautiful card, Sidi believes that Gambians are not infallible. They are vulnerable on all sides, he thought. For him, it is possible to destabilize retaining as long as possible the ball and making a strong offensives based on a strengthened defence. In any case, Sidi has already developed its tactical game and during the dress rehearsal, everything will be reviewed in detail so that ultimately everything works on music paper. All settings have been well conducted in the different compartments of the game Towards this meeting, which must necessarily lead to the qualification of our young footballers for the 3rd round, Sidi and his clique have resumed service earlier this week. The qualification is possible especially that it allows the public nouakchottois to reconcile with football whose level has taken the low road to fall to the lowest level. Yet this is not to drink the sea insofar few days ago, in Banjul in the match to go, our juniors, supported by strong community Mauritanian, had held the high pill to their opponents. During 90 minutes, they kept the coup, wiping ll high or offensive to flush with the ground. 90 minutes during our juniors have threatened and pushed the enemy until the last entrenchments. Only in extra time as an inextricable cafouillage that Gambians have managed to score the only goal of the game. A pill that the band at Sidi does not seem to want to forget. Because it has occurred against a current intentions of a consolidated defence, solidarity, inviolée so far. Because the score does not reflect the complexion of the match. Because of the resistance of a defence grouped with rear side dating back to the ground position wingers in addition to a defensive midfielder but also offensive. Because of the exemplary behaviour of players and the entire technical and administrative staff.

In Nouakchott, Mauritania will certainly caution but they also lay in the battle, in an intelligent way, to make a difference. To advance, we know that Gambians are not unbeatable and that our representatives want to prove themselves on the international scene. New elements will join the group in order to provide what was missing. These new elements will have to take the risk of the abscess burst open the scoring and doubling the bet. But Gambians are able to proceed from the kick-off, trying to score a goal to widen the gap and reduce the chances of qualification Mourabitounes. As a result, they require the band to Palaye to always run behind a delay. Thus, the Scorpions replieront zone and carry out outbursts in the cutter. First of all, to keep away while holding the hand ¬ margin until the end of regulation time. Then they try to exhaust partners Arouna Babacar Toure to eliminate lentement.Puisqu 'it is so, Moura-bitounes are unique mission to negotiate on their behalf, qualification here in Nouakchott. The public, as demanding as connoisseur, surely will move en masse in recognition of the encouraging results achieved de-uis the beginning of this competition. He will travel to rediscover his team but also to taste the pleasure of a qualification as coveted. Mauritanians and Gam-goods will, on July 12, to prove all the good they say, here and elsewhere, their maturity in terms of football.


Source: AMI/PMD  


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