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700 tons of rice distributed to 14 thousands families in the moughataa of El Mina, Arafatt and Ryadh  

Mouhamedou Ould Mohamed, commissioner of food safety supervises Sunday in Dar El Baida in the department of El Mina in Nouakchott the start of the free distribution of 700 tons of rice to 14 thousands needy families in the moughataa of El Mina, Arafatt and Ryadh. 

6,000 families in El Mina, 4000 Arafatt and 4000 to Ryadh to take advantage of these food aid as part of efforts to improve the living conditions of the poorest populations.

Each family will receive 50 kg of rice. 

In a word for the occasion, the commissioner of food security said that this measure is part of efforts taken by his department since the advent of the movement of 6 August 2008 in order to Provide Food to citizens needy wherever they are, in implementation of the guidelines of the President of the High Council of State, Head of State, General Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz. 

He added that these guidelines emphasize the need to work to improve living conditions of poor neighborhoods that have suffered in the past marginalization. 

The commissioner said that such donations are this time for poor families with no income and whose members are unable to carry out income-generating activities. 

He said that the determination of beneficiaries was done in collaboration with administrative and municipal authorities in moughataa concerned.

 The ceremony starting distribution operations of these quantities of rice was attended by Deputy Commissioner, food security, the wali of Nouakchott, the Hakem moughtaa of beneficiaries and a number of officials at the police station.

Source: AMI/PMD  


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