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" All the measures were taken for the organization of the examinations in the planned dates ", asserts the Minister of the fundamental and secondary Education The Minister of the fundamental and secondary Education and the Fight against the Illiteracy, Mrs Nebghouha Mint Mohamed Vall, asserted that her department " took all the measures necessary for the organization of the examinations of the end of year in the date which was fixed to them and in conditions allowing an objective evaluation of the work of the students.
In a read communiqué, during a held press conference, on Friday at the end of morning in Nouakchott, the Minister indicated that the compositions of passage are maintained, on all the national territory, in Sunday, June 8th, 2008 and underlined that the ministry will gather all the means and will take all the measures to guarantee the close of the school year in good conditions.
The Minister renewed the availability of her department " to examine in a positive way, all the justifiable demands of the professors with the aim of satisfying them with the best possible forms ". She emitted the wish to see «the professors striker to show consciousness professional, to privilege the interest of the sons of the nation and to return to the classes ".
Mrs Nebghouha Mint Mohamed Vall added " that two weeks after the beginning of the strike, numerous professors continued to carry out their educational duty ", and underlined that " the percentage of the professors not strikers exceeds the 60 % on all the national territory ". In answer to the questions of the journalists, the Minister denied that the ministry had appeal to persons foreign to the teaching staff, in the formulation of the exams.

She finally said herself opened to all the natural initiatives to contribute to the raising of the level of our education, emitting the wish to see the sector of " the education to live far from the political turbulences so that all the problems can be resolved by professional ways and within the educational family ".
From his part, the independent syndicate of the  professors of the secondary education called up, on Friday evening " for a constitution of a neutral committee to investigate into the scale of the strike ".
The syndicate called up, through communication,  the ministry " to assume its responsibilities and to face the reality such as it is " and denounced the attempt of the ministry aiming " to deceive the national public opinion ".
Source: AMI/PMD  


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