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EXAM: The starting of the complementary session of the baccalaureate  

The complementary session of Baccalaureate's exam began Monday for the 2461 candidates from sections of Arts, scientific, mathematics and technology, distributed between 19 examination centres. In a statement to the AMI, Mr. Mohamed Ould El Hafedh Denebja, department head of examinations at the direction of secondary education, said that all measures have been taken to ensure the success of this session . Thus, he said, that all supervisors and heads of centres were located on their workplaces. Likewise, tests were carried in the moughataa concerned in recent days. He added that some centres have been integrated with other closest, as not having the minimum number of candidates required. Press releases in this connection were made public in recent days.

Mr. Mohamed Ould El Hafedh Denebja noted improvements in physical and moral examinations. One example is the substantial increase in the allowance for surveillance and that heads of examination centres, proofreaders and others. The examination centres include high schools in Nema, Aioun, Kiffa, Kaedi, Maghta Lahjar, Boghé, Rosso, Boutilimit, Maata Moulana, Atar, Nouadhibou, Tidjikja, Sélibaby, Zouerate, Akjoujt, Tevragh Zeina, secondary schools boys and 1 2 and school enforcement Nouakchott.

Source: AMI/PMD  


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