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The President of the High Council of the State, Head of the State: "Management must be rational and should be terminated waste of public funds  
General Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz, chairman of the High Council of State, Head of State stressed on the need to reduce charges included in the cost of butane gas, on the sound management, Also he stressed that Somagaz should bring this product to populations at lower price.


During a visit Sunday night to SOMAGAZ, President of the High Council of State, Head of State, General Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz said that urgent solutions are found to the problems posed by the representatives of employees of the company, especially with regard to wage increases that will be resolved, he said, to the extent opportunities, stressing that it is imperative to conduct a rational management of society's resources and " involve workers.


The head of state said that if the waste is widespread in society, the first single employee responsible, the responsibility is shared and all will be affected by the deterioration will not be felt in the company , Calling on workers to work for the continuation of the SOMAGAZ to ensure the needs of their families. The more you contribute to the orderly management of the company seriously and honestly, whatever its primary responsibility, it can only reflect positively on everyone, including permitting the extension of the remarks you made and taking the necessary steps to against people who might be responsible, "said President of the High Council of State, Head of State to address workers.


General Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz, chairman of the High Council of State, Head of State called on the workers SOMAGAZ to exercise vigilance against harmful practices and to inform such practices on time, stressing that the company experienced a situation as it recorded an annual loss of 700 to 800 million ouguiyas. He in this regard indicated that working for the rehabilitation of society, it could only serve in the first place, workers, stating that emanates SOMAGAZ employee serves and the entire Mauritanian people find it its raison d'être and is linked to any person whatsoever.


The chaos within the company is reflected primarily on the poor citizen and nobody else. Therefore, said the Head of State, you have to be at the required level of responsibility and translate this commitment into reality in your dedication to work, avoiding wasting the resources of society and opposing any one who tries to do. "


The minister concerned (guardianship, ie) board, he said, the study of problems and responses to, as soon as possible, the most urgent of them.


Speaking to employees of the Somagaz, President of SMU said about a question on wages: "you should not compare your salary to those of workers in the ministry, this is not in your interest because I am convinced that there are those among them whose wages are below yours. "


Your perseverance all, officials and workers and your dedication to work, he adds, will be reflected positively on the company and destitute citizens who benefit from any rationalization of resources.


This will note General Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz, to stop the waste of energy, what will be possible from the many gas cylinders out of service, whose cost is estimated at billions, will be rehabilitated and brought into the distribution within society and which will result in lower prices.


But if you participate in a waste of society's resources, and rising wages and the purchase of cars, then nothing positive will be realized.


Therefore, it will not be taken into account the public interest and that is how this kind of behavior has led in the past to spread chaos in a country that has a lot of resources than a handful of individuals striving to waste, thus constituting an obstacle to the poorest citizens.


The streamlining of management, gives a good impression of the firm, leaving a good reputation for future generations and reflects your concern to the national interest, the sustainability of the state for people ", finally concluded the Chief the State which followed an explanation of the labor markets in the different flags of society particularly the center enfûtage, spheres and treatment center.


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