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Release of a new class of 50 magistrates  

The Minister of public function and the modernization of the administration said Monday in Nouakchott that the effective integration of Mauritania in the circuit of international trade requires the establishment of a viable justice and positive for society, attentive to the concerns of the parties involved in the economic and social fields, embodies fairness, capable of ensuring coverage of having their rights under the state policy aimed at developing comprehensive and encouraging domestic investment and abroad.


Mr. El Hamoud Ould Moustapha said during the ceremony exit a promotion of 50 judges that they "were trained during 2 years to National school of Administration (ENA) in civil, criminal, commercial and employment frame provided by an elite of judges and academics. "


He also said that this promotion is in addition to the 2274 staff trained by the school in its various channels for the public administration, stressing that the ENA must be able to meet the estimated needs expressed by utilities in the areas of training and development.


For his part, Dr. Ismail Ould Essadegh, managing director of ENA said that the ENA has been and remains a destination for training, stating that the government had entrusted the formation of the majority of magistrates operating in the justice sector and their development since its inception in 1966.


"This interest will open new opportunities for training and development to ensure a better development of human resources," he said, before calling judges to adequately perform their missions are assigned.


The spokesman for the Advancement of judges, for his part, stressed the belief elements of the promotion of the magnitude of the task and the responsibility that it will face, pledging to take adequately.


The ceremony took place in the presence of ministers of justice, higher education and scientific research, public prosecutor at the Supreme Court, a representative of the President of the Supreme Court and the Secretary General of the Ministry of justice.

Source: AMI/PMD  


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