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Workshop of validation of the national plan for management of medical waste
The National School of Public Health hosted a workshop, on Monday, for the validation of the national plan for management of medical waste produced by the National Center for Medical Research in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization (WHO).
Ship’s oil spill threatens penguins
About 2,500 penguins en route to their Antarctic mating grounds could be sickened by a diesel fuel spill from a cruise boat that struck an iceberg and sank last week, Chilean scientists said.Areas surrounding the 1.6-km-long spill site include breeding grounds for Antarctic and Adelia penguins, and the largest mating colony for Papua penguins, said Maria Jose Rosello, a Chilean marine biologist
Plan to protect the fragile interface
Until the 1970s, Mauritania's coastal regional was practically uninhabited. Now, it is the centre of development in the Saharan country, and the Mauritanian coastline is expected to attract much of the investments of the future. A new management plan for littoral Mauritania is to assure that these developments are environmentally sustainable.




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