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Consultation on the "Fisheries and environmental policies" WWF WAMER in Mauritania
The workshop marks the beginning of the action of one of the most important international organizations operating in the field of environmental protection and rationalization of natural resources (WWF, Wamer) in Mauritania.
Climate: Two other Greenhouse Gas worry scientists
Carbon dioxide (C02) is not the only gas that worry specialists climate. Because the air concentration of two other powerful gas with greenhouse emissions, that grow unexpectedly last two years, according to scientific studies to be issued in coming weeks.
Fighting climate change
As a result of past emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) and other greenhouse gases (GHGs), the world is now on course for future climate change. This year’s Human Development Report identifies 2ºC as the threshold above which irreversible and dangerous climate change will become unavoidable.It also explains why we have less than a decade to change course and start living within a sustainable global carbon....
World's Protected Areas Threatened By Climate Change
Climate change will affect national parks, forest reserves and other protected areas around the world, in some cases altering conditions so severely that the resulting environments will be virtually new to the planet, according to a study presented at the U.N. climate change talks in Bali, Indonesia.Scientists from Conservation International (CI)....




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