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The (PMD) and ICDL Mauritania, have signed a Memorandum
The Mauritanian Portal Development (PMD) and ICDL Mauritania, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that aims to collaborate in order to contribute to the spread of digital culture in Mauritania.
The 10th anniversary of the Internet in Mauritania was celebrated under the theme: "Internet: a tool for modernizing the service of the citizen"
The Internet plays an important role "in improving the efficiency of administration by providing adequate services to citizens." This has been pointed out, Tuesday, Mr. Moustapha Ould Hamoud, Minister of Public Service and the modernization of the Administration, on the occasion of the celebration of the 10th anniversary of the introduction of the Internet the Mauritanian

UUNET MD challenges Kenyan Government estimates of low bandwidth costs
The cost of Internet connectivity is unlikely to fall to $500 (Sh33,000) per megabit per month as the Government has projected, UUNET managing director Geoffrey Shimanyula has said. The charges would only fall marginally with the landing of the first submarine fibre optic cable in Mombasa, he said.
Mobile Internet on the rise in South Africa
With the development of technology such as the 3G card - the mobile success story of 2007 - providing consumers with increasing access to online, banking and other services, mobile communications is at a tipping point similar to that of the Internet a few years ago. This is according to the findings of the Mobility 2007 study released on Tuesday, 20 November 2007.
Mauritania Telecommunications
The telecommunications system has undergone considerable modernization and expansion in recent years. Following an initial liberalization beginning in 1999, Mauritania's telecommunications sector now consists of four companies: Mauritel S.A., the original national telephone company, now majority-owned by Maroc Telecom, which retains a monopoly over land lines and international calls ...
Mauritania National ICT Policy and Strategy
This project aims to assist Mauritania in the elaboration of the national Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) policy and strategy in the domains of e-applications, Internet, e-Security and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). Guidance and recommendations were provided to the national team based on national priorities. This project contributes towards strengthening Mauritania’s position...
General assessment: limited system of cable and open-wire lines, minor microwave radio relay links, and radiotelephone communications stations (improvements being made) domestic: mostly cable and open-wire lines; a recently completed domestic satellite telecommunications system links Nouakchott with regional capitals international: country code - 222; satellite earth stations - 1 Intelsat (Atlantic Ocean) and 2 Arabsat ....
Internet Usage Statistics for Africa
Internet Usage and Population Statistics for Africa are for September 30, 2007. (2) CLICK on each region for further data for individual countries and regions. For help and definitions see the site surfing guide. (3) Population numbers are based on figures contained in world-gazetteer.com. (4) The most recent usage comes mainly from data published by Nielsen//NetRatings , ITU , and other local sources.
ITC multi-stakeholders
All the concerned parties in all sectors: poublic, private and civil society are considered as actors of developping this young technical activity in the country.To name view, the public institutions, the telecommunication operators and associatiions involved in the promotion of the ITC applications & e-stratgies in Mauritania. Please find some of their interesting wen sites




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