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Qatari society Mejally Agricultural Planning affirms its willingness to invest in Mauritania
Mejally Mr. Mohamed Mejally Saad El Mejally, CEO of the company Mejally Agricultural Planning and affirmed the will of its establishment to invest in agriculture in Mauritania.
AGRICULTURE Strong presence of grain-eating birds in the growing areas of Gorgol
There is a strong presence of grain-eating birds in areas of culture in Gorgol ", said Sunday morning Kaedi, Mr. Sall Seyidou, prospector in one of two teams fighting avian operating in the wilaya.
CROP: Minister of Agriculture calls for increased production
Mr. Coréra Issagha, Minister of Agriculture and Livestock, began on Sunday a visit to the wilaya of Brakna to inquire about the crop for the season 2008-2009.
AGRICULTURE: The Minister of Agriculture received the Director of Operations at the WB
The Minister of Agriculture and Livestock, Mr. Corréra Issagha, underlined the growing interest that the World Bank attaches to the agricultural sector in Mauritania and the spirit of dialogue and cooperation between his department and the representation of the World Bank.
AGRICULTURE: Agriculture's Minister meets with General Secretary of CILSS
The Minister of Agriculture and Livestock, Mr. Corréra Issagha, emphasized on the will of Mauritania to transform the plant typha in charcoal and highlighted the difficulties faced by low-income families in rural areas to procure energy.
GORGOL: efforts for the success of the crop
In Gorgol, this year, many dikes and dams have been rehabilitated under the "Food against Labour" and 172 tonnes of seeds (sorghum, beans, pearl millet and maize) and 150 km fence to protect fields have been distributed to farmers.
CROP: Good conditions for the development of cultures
Broadly speaking, the rainfall conditions in July 10, 2008, are satisfactory in terms of accumulation and distribution space-time. This is reflected in the latest newsletter of the National Office of Meteorology (ONM), developed in collaboration with the FEWS-Net/Mauritania.
AGRICULTURE: Efforts to rid Laaoueija of typha
The General Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock, Mr. Mohamed El Moustapha Ould Abdi, inquired, on Friday, accompanied with 'Mr. Abdallahi Ould Mohamed Mahmoud, wali of Trarza, operations aiming to wrest the plant parasite typha
Insertion of 83 graduates under the program of crop year 2008-2009
83 graduates including 4 girls were inserted Wednesday during a ceremony at a training center for the advancement of women in Nouakchott.
CROP: A cumulative rainfall so far surplus
The amount of rainfall recorded during the third decade of June range from 2mm to Tidjikja, and Moudjéria R'kiz into a rainy day and 194 mm in 5 days Adel Bagrou. These numbers far exceed the average for the last ten years and the year of 2007 for the same period.
CROP: The rainy season starts slowly
The rainy season starts to move slowly. Significant rainfall was recorded in some areas agropastoral. Thus,
BACK TO REGION OF FARMERS: The first contingent will be sent on July 5 next
The technical committee responsible for preparing the return of farmers to their land at Nouakchott met Tuesday morning under the chairmanship of the wali mouçaid for Economic Affairs, Mr. Mohamedou Ould El Guéraa.
The General Secretary of the ministry of Agriculture and the Breeding receives a delegation of the World Bank.
The General Secretary of the ministry of Agriculture and the Breeding, Mr. Mohamed El Moustapha Ould Abdi received on Wednesday in Nouakchott, a delegation of the World Bank, led by Mr. Ba Ahmed Oumar, main specialist in agricultural services in the representation of the Bank in Nouakchott
Procapec dedicates 25 % of its financing in support of the agricultural campaign.
The Agency for the Promotion of the network of the Popular Cash desks of Savings and Credit ( Procapec) announced on Tuesday to dedicate 25 % of its financing in support of the next agricultural campaign
World must reform agriculture now or face dire crisis
The world will face social upheaval and environmental disasters if agriculture is not radically reformed to better serve the poor and hungry, a landmark UN-sponsored report said Tuesday.
Access to agricultural resources and services
Approximately 48% of Mauritanians are employed in the agriculture and livestock sectors. Favorable rainfall in 1994 allowed Mauritanian farmers to harvest 186,000 metric tons of grain, an increase of 80,000 tons over the 1993 harvest.




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