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GORGOL: efforts for the success of the crop  
In Gorgol, this year, many dikes and dams have been rehabilitated under the "Food against Labour" and 172 tonnes of seeds (sorghum, beans, pearl millet and maize) and 150 km fence to protect fields have been distributed to farmers. The distribution of seeds for growing decline begins, meanwhile, September 30. In the field of rice, 1 PPG has seen the putting in water since 3 weeks, and the PPG 2 with a protective dike was partially destroyed during the last winter, was also put in water last Thursday after rehabilitation work on the dike.

In addition to these two major developments, totalling 2224 ha, other small space villagers in an area of 850 ha, of which 300 have already been sown rehabilitated. In a statement to the MAI, the regional director of the SONADER Gorgol, Mr. Ould Abdallahi Babe, said that 600 tonnes of paddy seeds would be distributed to operators of large stores. He stressed that these seeds were chosen after tests carried out at Rosso who gave a germination rate ranging between 90 to 95%. The Regional Director, however, cleared the responsibility of his department about the quality of seeds that the villagers harvest their crops and use campaigning in the area of technical services concerned. Ould Babe still has clarified that the scope of Foum Gleita, which has seen him also, rehabilitation works undertaken by the Military Engineering, will contribute 550 ha, of which 60 have already been sown in more traditional areas that farmers grow each winter a sweet potato. The regional director of the SONADER said the company is a body of technical supervision have nothing to distribute and was not directly involved in the special programme of intervention (PSI). He then assured that senior staff will redouble their efforts to better advise farmers and follow the routes techniques they have adopted. Mr. Abdallahi Ould Babe finds that there will be a gradual improvement in performance, upgraded areas, the areas exploited but that for the short term, there will be improvements that different from the strategic goal, " he said before concluding: "engage in agriculture is a good thing."

Source: AMI/PMD  


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