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CUL TURE: The Mauritanian Cultural Club of the Unesco celebrates its anniversary  

The President of the Mauritanian Cultural Club of Unesco, Mohamed Salem Ould Maouloud, highlights the happy coincidence of the first anniversary of the founding of his club with the 48eme anniversary of national independence and with the international day of solidarity with the Palestinian People, in which he expressed support of the club. He added, during a ceremony Saturday that the establishment of this club responds to the desire of youth to create a cultural framework able of playing a role corresponding to the proportion of youths in the country's population, which exceeds 70%, as well as support to national development in various fields. On this occasion, Mr. Issa rental, Ambassador of the State of Palestine Nouakchott, gave a word which, he said that young people representing half of this is the future in its entirety. He said that economic development of peoples is an obligatory step on the path of freedom and independence. The ambassador also indicated that dialogue is the best path to self-determination and success of the confrontation of the challenges of development. For her part, Ms. Malouma Mint El Meidah welcomed the struggle of the Palestinian people to realize its unity and recover its independence and expressed its solidarity with the Palestinian cause.

Source: AMI/PMD  


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