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The prosecution announced the preliminary results of the investigation of the liquidation of “Air Mauritanie” and management of PSI  

The prosecutor of the Regional Court of Nouakchott, Mohamed Abdallahi Ould Tiyib today released a statement Friday detailing the preliminary results of the investigation, launched on November 13, running on the facts relating to the liquidation of Air Mauritania and a doubtful on large quantities of expired products acquired under the Special Intervention (PSI). 

Regarding the file of the liquidation of Air Mauritania, prosecutors said that eight people allegedly were charged based on the incriminating facts for actions leading to the bankruptcy of the company. 

Among the charges, prosecutors cited include "the diversion of corporate assets, the use of expensive means to obtain bonuses rescheduling, camouflage the real financial situation of the company, the malicious use of the prerogatives and skills and funds of society against the economic interest of it to achieve personal interests to focus on other societies. "

 The release of prosecution, added that the perpetrators of the facts cited above are punished in accordance with Articles 715, 1450.1451 and 1452 of the Commercial Code and on this assumed were transferred to the investigating judge on the 3rd Cabinet rule on the charges attributed to them.

 "In terms of deposit were prepared against five of them and an arrest warrant for three others, at the request of prosecutors," adds the release. 

About the rice market, the press release stated that the prosecution has charged three people involved and their fourth in the first case of engaging in acts punishable by law.

 Among these facts, "using procedures contrary to the regulations governing public procurement, embezzlement of public property and betrayal through the mass distribution of documents involving the state." 

The already mentioned acts are punished by the criminal code under Articles 120, 161, 162, 164 and 379, and therefore presumed to have been transferred to the judge who ordered a warrant against the at the request of prosecutors, according to the release.

Source: AMI/PMD  


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