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President of the High Council of State, Head of State oversees the 8th edition of Chinguitti awards.
President of the High Council of the State, Head of the State General Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz oversaw Sunday, the convention center of Nouakchott, the annual Prize Chinguitti
The President of the High Council of State decorates "Emir Echouara"
The General Mohamed ould Abdel Aziz, president of the High Council of State, Head of State decorated Sunday at the presidential palace in Nouakchott, the medal of Chevalier of the National Order of Merit,
The Minister of Islamic Affairs stresses on the importance of Imams in society
Mr. Yahya Ould Sid'El Moustaph, Minister of Islamic Affairs and Education original stressed on the importance attached by the government to the role of Imams of mosques, calling them "elite of society with a Muslim influence on the orientation wisdom and moderation. "
CULTURE: Workshop on the role of intellectuals in the Mauritanian development action
The Mauritanian Association for Culture and Heritage organized Friday night in Nouakchott a workshop under the theme: "the intellectual Mauritania and its role in democracy and development".
Culture An exhibition of photographs in Nouakchott
The Spanish Embassy in Nouakchott organized Tuesday in Nouakchott, in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture and Communication, a photo exhibition of Spanish artist Marie Saint Alberto, under the theme "What I think?"
Over 300 artists attend nomad music festival in Mauritania
APA - Nouakchott (Mauritania) The 4th festival of nomad music opened Monday evening in Nouakchott with over 300 artists from Africa and Europe attending the occasion.
Culture of Mauritania
Background: "Independent from France in 1960, Mauritania annexed the southern third of the former Spanish Sahara (now Western Sahara) in 1976, but relinquished it after three years of raids by the Polisario guerrilla front seeking independence for the territory.




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