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Workshop of validation of the national plan for management of medical waste  

The National School of Public Health hosted a workshop, on Monday, for the validation of the national plan for management of medical waste produced by the National Center for Medical Research in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization (WHO).

The plan aims to create an organizational and legal working to fill gaps in the areas of organization and management of these wastes.

Several experts and specialists from civil society organizations take part in the workshop, which was also designed to show the danger of waste on the health of individuals, the environment and pollution of the atmosphere, water and soil and the damage they relate to animals and plants during their transport, incineration or burial.

Many experts believe that the problem of medical waste is caused by the lack of coordination at the central level and the lack of a permanent structure for management at health centers in addition to the weakness and lack of means and equipment needed for this purpose.

According to WHO statistics, a large share of medical waste of medical institutions does not present a health hazard if waste is separated from other toxic or dangerous.

These statistics point out that the low rate of waste in question is either liquid products or biological or chemical products considered as dangerous as a source of contamination safe detrimental to health.

Mr. Abdallahi Ould Lehbib, adviser to the Minister of Health, in a word for the occasion stated that the organization of this workshop falls within the concern of government in promoting the improvement of sanitary conditions and lives of people.

Source: AMI/PMD  


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